Simone Redburn Lockhart


Simone Redburn Lockhart & Associates is a full-service Mission-based family real estate team proudly operating under the Lighthouse Realty Ltd banner.

Comprising two full-time veteran realtors & life-long Mission residents (Leslie Redburn & Simone Redburn Lockhart), a full-time seasoned marketing specialist (Ross Lockhart) and 2 admin/assistant staff, Simone Redburn Lockhart & Associates offers property buyers and sellers across the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland experience they can trust, dedication they can count on, and results they can bank on!

Why choose Simone Redburn Lockhart & Associates?

• 3 veteran real estate professionals working for you 24/7
• Expert local knowledge & honest reputation
• First-rate professional services, from photography & landscaping to staging & marketing
• Experienced negotiators versed in all facets of the trade
• Network of community contacts spanning two generations
• Network of realtor contacts, local and province-wide
• Dedicated marketing support (online, social & print) on staff

Thinking about buying or selling? Give us a call and find out how our team can help!

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